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We built Distrinet to be compatible with Mininet, but there are some limitation in the current versions.

No underscore in the vSwitch and vHost names

LXD does not support containers names with underscore(_), i.e.

from mininet.topo import Topo

class Personalized(Topo):
    def build(self):

‘s_1’ is a valid name in Mininet, but not for Distrinet; ‘s2’ is a valid name.

GitHub discussion

Compatibility with Mininet switch=ovsk

Distrinet uses OVS by default for the virtual switches. This can be a problem when the dpid is not directly set in the addSwitch() function.

GitHub discussion

Supported OSs

For now we support Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 and Debian10 for the Master and the workers, while the client is compatible with any system using Docker.

We are working to support more Linux distributions.